Emunah Afula during COVID-19 Lockdown

Every day begins with the staff and kids having their temperature checked. Emunah’s Afula’s staff, including the social workers meet to make sure that each child is doing ok during this emergency situation. We feel secure knowing that there is an onsite nurse to handle any medical issue.

Shoshi tries to have the kitchen provide special snacks and treats so that the children can feel more “at home” while checking in on all he staff. Usually the children have their meals in the main dining room, but due to distance regulations, meals are provided within the groups.

Another unexpected big expense is turning out to be the purchase of alco gel, protective wear and paper goods. This is essential for the health of our children and staff.

We have been here for three consecutive weeks, including the B’not Sherut girls doing their National Service. Some of the parents of the Bnot Sherut are starting to call and are nervous about the corona virus, but so far none of the girls  have gone back to their own families. In fact, Shoshi told me that many of the past Bnot Sherut have been calling and offering to come back as volunteers to be with their children. Isn’t that heartwarming?


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