Emunah Afula strives to provide Israel’s children at risk with a safe and nurturing environment while enhancing parent-child relationships as well as helping parents develop parenting competence.

Family Atmosphere

The main attribute of Emunah Afula however, is its warm and caring family atmosphere. For many of our children it is the first time in their lives that someone says “I love you” without expecting anything in return.

Therapeutic Center

Emunah Afula’s Therapeutic Center offers therapies for emotional and functional disorders on various complex levels, that are given individually and in groups by certified therapists.

Expanding The Family

You are invited to view the latest news at Emunah Afula, to visit our Facebook page that is being updated all the time and to come to see us and really get to know us.  See where we study and teach, where we eat and sleep and all that we actually do at Emunah Afula.

But we are a family, and the children at Emunah Afula would really like to become part of your extended family. Over the many years of our operations we have been privileged to see how children in our extended family benefited from an additional family, not the biological one, but one that embraces you and gets close to you. We really believe that being together in both happy times and hard times works wonders for the souls of every individual, young and adult.

If you are commemorating a festive family event, a Bar-Mitzvah or even a wedding, come and celebrate with us. We want to be a part of it, to celebrate with you, like one big happy family. There are many possibilities, as we learned from members of our extended family who live overseas. Children celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs with us during a visit at our Children’s Center. Some don’t come over here, but contribute with a wonderful gift and benefit from our wonderful memories, and there are many other possibilities.

There are also families who chose to commemorate their loved ones by means of a scholarship, small or large, a learning facility or additional study and enrichment hours. The possibilities are endless and we are here in order to find the solution that most suits you.

Contact us today and become part of the large family at the Emunah Afula.

Please contact for details:

Shoshi Ohayon
Mobile: +972- 52-6070048